Hugga Bunch

They were hideous.  They rode the coattails of the Cabbage Patch “so ugly they’re cute” trend. And they failed.  Miserably. Originally hatched as “cute” little drawings on greeting cards by Hallmark, the toy eventually went on to hold its own on lunchboxes, books and games. The dolls themselves, though, were just ugly.  Extra large heads, weird beady eyes, and they came with a baby doll of their own called a Hugglet, which made absolutely no sense. (How would a child this young take care of another baby?! Terrible marketing.) Their names were nauseatingly obnoxious like Tickles, Gigglet, Nuzzler (seriously?), and Impikins. Their creepy eyelashes fanned out, and the way they stared made you think that they possibly wanted to eat your soul.

But it was the 80s and it wouldn’t BE the 80s if there weren’t really weird toys to look back on and laugh at.  There was even a (gasp!) Hugga Bunch movie.  Roll that around in your brain for a minute…

This ugly little doll never got a ton of action but boy, it was weird enough to get its own movie: A little girl is visited by one of the “Huggins” when she needs help keeping her grandmother young, because she’s the only person left who knows how to hug. (What – you don’t think this masterpiece is Oscar-worthy? For the record, it did win an Emmy! Face, naysayer! FACE.) Together, they travel to Hugga Land via a full length mirror to defeat the evil witch, but not without the typical mishaps along the way.

Strange? Yes. Hideous? You bet. Typical 80s toy? You know it.

We ♥ Hugga Bunch!


~ by weheart80s on March 3, 2010.

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