Hot for Teacher

“Aw, mom. You know I’m not like other guys. I’m nervous, and my socks are too loose.”

It’s one of those songs (and videos) that you never forget. And although it didn’t even crack the top 50 on the pop charts, “Hot for Teacher” still lives today as one of Van Halen’s rockin’-est tunes.

From the opening thumps of not one but four (!) bass drums, through DLR’s spoken word intros (‘Whaddya think the teacher’s gonna look like this year, man?’), to one of the better guitar solos to come out of the 80s, “Hot for Teacher” is a classic rock-out that will never die.

And then there’s the music video. Co-directed by DLR himself, it was risqué enough for the PMRC to call for its banning. And there were probably more than a few of us who would quickly turn the channel, if mom happened to walk into the room while it was on.

Featuring an opening voice-over by Phil Hartman, it told the tale of poor Waldo, the nerdy student who just couldn’t fit in. (And how could anyone, really, with the mini Van Halen-ers running the place…) It was one of the quintessential over-the-top rock videos of the decade… loud, babe-filled, and obnoxious. It was just perfect.

…and no, no one ever did find out what became of Waldo after graduation.

We ♥ Hot for Teacher.



~ by weheart80s on March 5, 2010.

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