Corey Haim

We cheered as he saved his brother from vampires. We cried as he watched Maggie go running into Cappie’s arms. And we laughed as he subjected that pretty Cadillac to more abuse than any car should have to endure.

He made your heart melt as he rose above high school clichés and got people to love him for who he was. Oh Corey, we loved you from the get-go.

Which makes today an especially sad day for every self-proclaimed Child of the 80s. Corey Haim has passed away at age 38.

He was found unresponsive in his apartment early Wednesday morning and later pronounced dead by doctors at Providence St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Burbank. Preliminary reports point to an accidental drug overdose as the cause of death.

A true icon of the 80s, our beloved Corey was rarely seen without his counterpart, Corey Feldman (they were in more than half-a-dozen movies and several TV shows together, including the 2007-08 A&E series The Two Coreys.)

His list of demons was longer than anyone (particularly such a promising young star) should have to endure. A lengthy battle with drugs, a bankruptcy filing, at least three called-off engagements, a career that never really made it past 1989…

It’s a truly sad tale, which is why we at Best of the 80s would rather have you think of the happier times.

Dream a little dream today.

We ♥ Corey Haim.



~ by weheart80s on March 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Corey Haim”

  1. Aww♥️,I just love the way he looks in this picture. He was so beautiful,,In a guy way. I miss him already!

  2. […] hurt that Corey Haim was on his way to being the crush of girls across the US. (And yeah, of COURSE we loved him.) Toss in an awesome soundtrack and one of the hippest casts this side of any John Hughes film, and […]

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