Live Aid

We all know 80s music is the best music. But combine it with a colossal concert staged on four continents and broadcast around the world to a billion people? Then you have something truly awesome.

Live Aid. July 13, 1985. (Yes, it’s been 25 years).

Organized by Bob Geldof to raise awareness (and money) for the famine in Africa, Live Aid was the concert to end all concerts. Dozens and dozens of acts, from Led Zeppelin to Duran Duran, from The Who to The Beach Boys, from Judas Priest to Run-DMC, all took the stage, either in London or Philadelphia. And then there was gotta-be-a-show-off Phil Collins, who famously performed in London, and then hopped on the Concorde and appeared on stage in Philly ten hours later.

From Queen’s still-epic performance of “Radio Ga Ga” to Madonna exclaiming (post-Penthouse) “I ain’t taking shit off today!” before launching into “Love Makes the World Go Round”, it was a day made for sitting on the couch, flipping on MTV, and taking in some of the best the music world had to offer. (See the complete set list here.)

There were mega-huge all-star finales in both cities, unfounded rumors of a Beatles reunion (with Julian Lennon), and, yeah, where was Bruce Springsteen? Eh, no matter. In the end, according to Geldof, the 16-hour concert raised close to $300 million.

It was the day the world rocked. And it was awesome.

We ♥ Live Aid.



~ by weheart80s on March 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Live Aid”

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