Proving that all clowns are evil, since 1982.

Oh Craig T. Nelson… maybe if you’d laid off the pot, you wouldn’t have found the the fact that chairs were stacking themselves in your kitchen so amusing. Maybe, you would have had the appropriate reaction: screaming in TERROR (!!), followed by immediate evacuation. And, you could have also saved poor Carol Anne from being abducted by evil spirits. But, you know… bygones.

Ah, Poltergeist. Evil clowns, little girls whispering to unseen beings through her TV’s static, trees trying to eat little boys, people’s faces peeling off… It’s mass hysteria! Ok, not really… but it was pretty damn scary. Turns out, had the developer of the neighborhood not been a cheapskate and oh, we dunno, NOT built the subdivision on an ancient Indian burial ground, things would’ve been fine. Go figure.

The creepiness wasn’t just confined to the movie, though. Some genius in the Props Department decided that using real skeletons was the way to go. What the ???! If that’s not asking for a curse to descend upon the set, we don’t know what is. Unfortunately, that seems to be exactly what happened. No fewer than four cast members died prematurely following the movie’s completion, including Carol Anne herself, Heather O’Rourke, who passed away at age 12 from medical complications.

Decades later, we still remember Poltergeist as a movie that scared our pants off back in 1982. It’s enough to make you put your TV out on the front porch.

We ♥ ‘Poltergeist’.



~ by weheart80s on March 16, 2010.

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