Care Bears

Yeah, the winking creeped us out after a while too.

Feeling down? Cheer Bear can help. Want sweet dreams and a good night’s sleep? Bedtime Bear is there for you. Have no idea what we’re talking about? Then you probably weren’t a little girl in the 80s.

Care Bears first entered the world in 1981 on greeting cards, and only two years later they became stuffed animals to be loved and adored by little girls everywhere. What made them special? Well, the fact that they proudly displayed their “feelings” on their bellies, of course. The characters ranged from Grumpy Bear (sidenote: Why on earth would you want to play with a constantly-angry stuffed animal? Even as small children, we thought Grumpy Bear was a dumb option.) to Good Luck Bear to Love-a-Lot Bear.

As they grew more and more popular, several new Bears emerged, and Kenner even went on to add an entire new line called Care Bear Cousins. The entire Care Bear family lived in the Kingdom of Caring (sappy), while the actual Care Bears resided in Care-A-Lot (sappier), and the cousins built their homes in the Forest of Feelings (sappiest).

Always battling villains who had designs on taking their feelings away (yes, this was all about feeeeelings…), the Care Bears were up against meanies like Frostbite and Auntie Freeze. The Bears’ weapon of choice? The dreaded ‘Care Bear Stare’. (And why not? A gaggle of strange bears staring you down is pretty creepy.) The Cousins, though, often resorted to the ‘Cousin Call’. (Clearly, creativity was running low that day.)

The overly-emotional animals were featured in quite a few movies, a television series, and, yes, they are still going strong even today. Over the years, more and more Bears have been added to the line, but there’s not much that beats cleaning out your old room in your parents’ house and finding an original Funshine Bear stuffed in the bottom of the closet. A flood of 80s memories rushes over you, and you just smile to yourself and think, “Awesome.”

We ♥ Care Bears.


~ by weheart80s on March 17, 2010.

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