Spy Hunter

Grab the wheel, keep your fingers on the triggers, and step on the gas! It’s 1983, and Spy Hunter has just arrived in the arcade down the street from your house.

From the comparatively high-tech graphics to the synthesized Peter Gunn theme music, Spy Hunter was a pioneer in arcade games, and all of a sudden, Missile Command and Asteroids looked pretty lame.

Developed by Bally-Midway, it combined the best of both arcade worlds: a driving game and a shoot-the-crap-out-of-stuff game.

Sure, you only had your twin-mounted machine guns to start, but play your cards (and the game) right, and the good ol’ Weapons Van would pull up alongside. Shift to Hi gear, floor it, and you’re in. Usually you got hooked you up with the boring Oil Slicks, but occasionally you’d score with the Smoke Screen. And then, if you were really lucky, you’d roll out with Missiles! Awesome!

Keep going long enough and you reached the boathouse. Speedboat time! Doubly awesome!

Watch out for civilians! Steer clear of the bad guys with the spinning blades on their hubcaps! Always go left at the fork in the road!

It was among the best entertainment a quarter could buy, and (bonus!) you’d be humming that killer music the rest of the day.

We ♥ Spy Hunter.


~ by weheart80s on March 17, 2010.

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