Rubik’s Snake

Let’s face it– you’re never going to solve the Rubik’s Cube (unless you have a screwdriver. Or unless you’re just a total geek, and then, would you really want to admit it?)

Fortunately, though, Professor Rubik took pity on us and came up with the idiot’s answer to his famed cube… the Rubik’s Snake. (sidenote: is the correct term ‘The Rubik’s Snake’, or just ‘Rubik’s Snake’? I mean, it is his Snake after all. Hmm.)

Made of 24 interlocking triangular doo-dads, it wasn’t a puzzle that needed solving, per se. The only real challenge was how fast you could make stuff… like the ball. Or the duck. Or the stairs. Or the swan.

Sure Rubik’s Snake was just a toy, but if you played your cards right you could probably talk your math teacher out of confiscating it by explaining what an interesting mathematical conundrum is presented. “It’s Geometry, Mrs. Snyder! See?”

Nowadays it’s been re-branded as Rubik’s Twist (or The Rubik’s Twist. Whatever.) but we’ll always remember it fondly… by its original name.

We ♥ Rubik’s Snake.



~ by weheart80s on March 22, 2010.

4 Responses to “Rubik’s Snake”

  1. […] We’ve already sung the praises of its more… shall we say ‘juvenile’ counterpart, The Rubik’s Snake, but it’s the Cube (oh yes, the Cube) that really helped make the 80s the awesome decade it was. […]

  2. […] know the Rubik’s Cube (we love it!), and you may remember Rubik’s Snake (yep, we love that, too!), but how far back into your memory bank to you need to go to remember the Pyramid (or Tomy’s […]

  3. Rubik’s snake… ah yes. the real challenge is to form it into a cube. I’m uploading a pic of my cubed snake today.

  4. I got one of those not too long ago. It goes in my collection with the others lol

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