All the guy ever needed was a paperclip, and you were set. Need a bomb diffused? Oh, don’t worry, MacGyver’s got a paperclip. Locked in a room, with poisonous gas seeping in? Paperclip. Don’t have a paperclip? He always had his Swiss Army Knife, and man, that thing was good if you were in a pickle– just like MacGyver. No ordinary Joe could pull off the moves this man managed, but holy cow, it was fun pretending that you could.

Angus MacGyver (Angus? Really?) was a very laid-back secret agent and actually refused to even carry a gun because of his “no violence” policy (hence the handy-dandy paperclip or some other innocuous object you’d never think could help you out of a life-threatening situation). Yes, that was MacGyver.

He was always getting into sticky situations (we suppose it comes with the territory of being a secret agent), so it was a good thing he was a scientist who also worked as a Bomb Disposal Technician for the government agency– The Department of External Services (DXS for short).

The show debuted in ’85, and it lasted all the way until ’92, when MacGyver solved his final mission. A comeback was attempted in 2003 (Young MacGyver!), but (thankfully) it never really got off the ground. Most little 80s boys, though, still remember Life Lesson #1: No matter what trouble you get into, all you need is your trusty Swiss Army Knife… oh, and maybe a paperclip.

We ♥ MacGyver.

~ by weheart80s on March 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “MacGyver”

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  2. […] up though, and brought it back for another shot that fall on Mondays at 8:30, opposite MacGyver (which we ♥!). Four episodes later? Strike two. CBS burned off the last four episodes in the summer of 1989. […]

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