Don’t Come Around Here No More

Sure, it sounded like Tom Petty’s voice, but there was something a little bit crazy going on here. What was up with the sitar, cellos, and drum machine? Isn’t this the same guy who, two years earlier, gave us “You Got Lucky”? And the rockin’ “American Girl” before that? Where’d he go?

The answer, apparently, is that Mr. Petty (and his Heartbreakers) had fallen down the rabbit hole. And the result was an 80s classic.

Simply put, “Don’t Come Around Here” was just a fun song that didn’t hide its message in obscure lyrics and double-entrendres. Hey you (yes you!), go away, and don’t come back. Ever. How awesome is that?

Co-written by Petty and The Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart, it was inspired (apparently) by an “evening” Stewart had with Stevie Nicks in the early 80s. When he woke up the next morning, he was summarily asked to leave, and thus the song was born.

Even better than the song, though, was, of course, the stellar video. Featuring a psychedelic take on Alice in Wonderland, it includes Petty as the Mad Hatter, Stewart as the Caterpillar, and three chicks in black & white leotards. Plus, we can’t forget tiny Alice dodging sugar cubes while treading water in the teacup, the pig baby, bassist Howie Epstein dunking his cruller in his tea and then eating the cup, and, yes, that yummy cake at the end.

It was never a huge hit like his other tunes, but Petty secured a place in our 80s Hall of Fame with what we consider one of his best songs. Sometimes change is a good thing.

We ♥ Don’t Come Around Here No More.

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~ by weheart80s on March 30, 2010.

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