Clash of the Titans (the original)

Robotic birds: All the rage in '81.

See? This is what we mean. The 80s were so awesome that producers aren’t even bothering to come up with new stories anymore– they’re just remaking ones from our favorite decade. Clash of the Titans (2010) (in 3D no less) hits theaters today and, well… we feel it’s only right to pay a little homage to the original.

Oh Harry Hamlin, how far you’ve come. Good ol’ Harry played Perseus, who was the son of Danae, who was the daughter of Acrisius, who banned Danae and Perseus, because he was convinced (ah, prophecies…) that he would be killed if his daughter had a son. So, the obvious option? Send them out into the ocean in a coffin and hope they’re both killed (Acrisius: Best. Father. Ever.) More and more Greek gods come into play, the Kraken is released, Medusa is slain, battles are fought, horses fly… and then there’s Bubo, the robotic owl.

We love you most of all, Bubo. We love you in all your R2-D2 mechanical-like glory and really, it’s you (not that schlub Perseus) who saved the day. You found Pegasus, obliterated the swamp, and then (then!) got Medusa’s head to Perseus in just the nick of time. It may be called Clash of the Titans, but we’ll always remember it as The Awesomeness of Bubo.

Sure, Ray Harryhausen’s special effects may look ridiculous now, and any newbies who go back to see what all the fuss was about will not be able to hold their laughter… but back in 1981, they were pretty killer– the best part of a truly classic 80s film.

We ♥ Clash of the Titans (the original).

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~ by weheart80s on April 2, 2010.

One Response to “Clash of the Titans (the original)”

  1. They made a remake. 3-D

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