Tight-Rolled Jeans

Tapered-leg jeans just didn’t cut it for us in 1987. No way, man. We wanted something tighter. We wanted our ankles to choke. And we wanted to do it ourselves. We wanted… tight-rolled jeans. (Or maybe you called them “pegged” jeans… Whatever floats your boat. We’re laid back around here.)

Many 80s clothing trends fall in to the category of “awesomely bad”, but this one might just take the cake. The tight-rolled look is flattering on absolutely nobody. All of a sudden your ankles are tiny, and your hips are mammoth! Great! BUT it was the 80s and it was the cool thing to do, so who are we to buck the system? (We ain’t no squares, man.)

It took a little extra time and a few minutes of practice before you could perfect the tight roll. Some might have even used safety pins to achieve that coveted look. We call those people amateurs. You don’t need safety pins! You just need some practice! And some coolness! Luckily, for any youngsters nowadays that want to try this fashion disaster, there’s YouTube.

The worst news in all of this? The fact that tight-rolled jeans may actually be making a comeback. (A) They’re hideous, so… WHY? and (B) Get your filthy hands off our decade! Tight-rolled jeans are ours!

…because, as you know, during the 80s it was hard to go wrong with a little fold-over action at the hem of your pants.

We ♥ Tight-rolled Jeans.

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~ by weheart80s on April 5, 2010.

8 Responses to “Tight-Rolled Jeans”

  1. […] that made as much sense as most of the other 80s fads. Leg warmers in the summer, pegged jeans (yes, we love those, too), and neon all served no purpose… other than making you look […]

  2. Stop it! That video is hilarious. I love that it was guys doing it. Today we have le skinny jean—no need to tuck and roll because these jeans have the ankle choking built in, and are designed to make the hips look ginormous. But that’s okay! Because long sweaters are also back in!

    Do you remember that we also used to twist our sweatpants tight around our calves. Dang, I’ve got to dig up a picture of me in my hot pink sweatpants all twisted up. Coolest chick on campus. 😉

  3. […] to look cool in the 80s? Well, you could pop your collar (we love it!), peg your jeans (yep, we love that, too!), and treat yourself a bodacious Flock of Seagulls haircut (how could we not love […]

  4. […] everyone was doing it. Whether it be over a pair of tights or a pair of tapered leg jeans (But not tight rolled jeans… You’d want to show off your mad rolling skillz.) leg warmers were all the […]

  5. […] already covered how awesome it was to tight-roll your jeans (we love it!), and we may have even said that having elastic on the bottom of your pants constituted cheating. […]

  6. […] 1988, I was tight rolling my jeans, stacking my scrunch socks, wearing a perfume called Illegale, and my best friend Susan (pictured […]

  7. […] (or not…) these shoes came on the scene right around the same time tapered leg jeans (we love them!) were big, so of COURSE the most logical route was to pair these giant moon boots with your pegged […]

  8. […] to look cool in the 80s? Well, you could pop your collar (we love it!), peg your jeans (yep, we love that, too!), and treat yourself a bodacious Flock of Seagulls haircut (how could we not love […]

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