Midnight Madness

Our favorite decade started out with a bang. Not even a month into 1980, and already we had the first great movie. Midnight Madness (known primarily as being the first film of Michael J. Fox, who we previously ♥ed in our ‘Alex P. Keaton’ post) told the story of five teams of college kids on an all-night scavenger hunt.

It had a distinct Animal House-y vibe, partially because it starred Stephen ‘Flounder’ Hurst, but also because of a swan-dive into a vat of Pabst Blue Ribbon, an entire scene dedicated to ogling a waitress’ “two giant melons”, and the complete buffoonery of almost every single person invovled.

David Naughton (remember him from the classic “I’m a Pepper” ads?) starred in this thing-of-beauty, but it’s the cameos and smaller parts that make it so much fun.

Along with Michael J., there are also brief appearances by Paul ‘Pee-Wee Herman’ Reubens, Eddie Deezen (Grease‘s Eugene), and even a Andy Tennant, who apparently was so turned off by acting after being in this movie that he quit the profession and instead became a director (Hitch, The Bounty Hunter).

Midnight Madness was pure early-80s awesomeness. It opens with rollergirls, proceeds with a to a disco, and wraps up in an arcade with the classic Star Fire video game.

In our book, that’s the recipe for success.

We ♥ Midnight Madness.

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~ by weheart80s on April 8, 2010.

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