By the power of Grayskull…I have the power!

We’re not sure whether Prince Adam asked to be burdened with constantly protecting Eternia or if it was some sort of magical lottery. What we do know is that while, sure, Prince Adam’s responsibilities when he transformed into He-Man were huge, he also got to carry a bad-ass sword and ride around on a tiger.  There’s not much more a kid in the 80s could want. (Except maybe a PogoBall… Or to be part of Jem and the Holograms…)

The Planet of Eternia was constantly in some sort of trouble, and while most people looked at Prince Adam and thought he was little more than a lazy rich kid, he actually had much bigger issues. You try keeping your alter-ego a secret from an entire planet! (Can we get an “amen”, Batman? Spiderman?) How, by the way, could people never figure out that he was actually He-Man? Seriously… all he did was take off his shirt and put on some armor.

Anyway, He-Man had a pretty full plate, to say the least.  Good thing for him he always had his trusty sidekick, Battle Cat (who was Prince Adam’s wimpy pet, Cringer, in disguise. And, again, no one could figure this out??)

The characters originally debuted in a comic book but quickly transitioned into a cartoon (which is what the majority of us remember.) The cast of characters was fairly long, and eventually it was discovered that Prince Adam had a sister, Princess Adora. She, too, got the power of Grayskull and voila! She-Ra. (Don’t worry.  She’ll get her own post soon enough.)

Between fighting off the evil Skeletor and keeping the true identity of He-Man a secret, there were more than enough story lines to keep this cartoon on for years. In the 90s (and then again in the early 00s), a reboot of the cartoon was made but never fared well. A live-action movie arrived in 1987, with Dolph Lundgren as He-Man, but it was a box office flop.

It’s the cartoon, though, we remember most. That, and the fact that we knew the secret identity of the most powerful man in the universe… even if no one else was bright enough to figure it out.

We ♥ He-Man.

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~ by weheart80s on April 9, 2010.

3 Responses to “He-Man”

  1. The Cartoon is on DVD.

  2. Then they made She-Ra.

  3. I wonder who did the music for He-man?

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