You think you got troubles? Try being a two-legged orange orb with a pipe-snout and no arms, forced to jump up and down on cubes all day long.

No, Q*bert never had it easy, but he was easily one of the most popular arcade games (and fads) of our favorite decade.

First released in 1982, Q*bert was beyond simple. There was no shooting, no buttons to push, nothing. It was just you and a joystick against the world… and that rascally Coily. What a pesky little snake he was, huh?

All you had to do was hop from cube to cube, changing each one a different color as you landed on it. The further you went in the game, the more difficult it became. Sometimes you had to jump on a cube twice, and sometimes, just as soon as you turned a cube, stupid little Slick and Sam would turn it back. Argh!

Thankfully there was always a spinning disk (eerily similar to the modern-day Mac’s rainbow wheel of death. Coincidence? We think not.) that provided an escape route, transporting you safely back to the top of the pyramid.

But the best part of the game? Yes indeed… it was the tirade of profanity that spewed forth from Q*bert’s pretty little mouth whenever he met his demise. He may have said, “#!$%@”, but we all knew what he really meant.

Q*bert would go on to rival Pac-Man and Donkey Kong in popularity, appearing on everything from a Saturday morning cartoon (remember Saturday Supercade?) to lunchboxes and everything in between.

And, really, who among us believes that Pixar didn’t have our little buddy in mind when designing Mike Wazowski for Monsters Inc.?

We ♥ Q*bert.

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~ by weheart80s on April 15, 2010.

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