If you’re a true child of the 80s, you honestly can’t remember a time when you didn’t know her name.

From the moment she stepped on the scene in 1982 with the release of “Everybody”, Madonna was a force unlike anything we’d ever seen. Many people thought (many times) that she would burn out, that she was a flash in the pan, but they were soooo wrong.

Her seven #1 singles (and three #1 albums) rank her as the top female artist of the 80s, and that’s not even taking into account all the dance mixes and live appearances, from the fabled “Like a Virgin” performance at the MTV Video Music Awards to her show-stopping set at Live Aid. She’s since gone on to sell more than 200 million albums worldwide. Can’t get much more awesome than that.

From “Borderline” to “Material Girl”, from “Holiday” to “Live to Tell”, from “Papa Don’t Preach” to “Open Your Heart”, from “Crazy for You” to “Like a Prayer”, she proved one thing. She was the real deal.

Sure, she sometimes had trouble carrying a tune, and her backup dancers often outshone her onstage, but it didn’t matter. She knew how to package herself, dictate the times, and (bonus!) empower women, and she did it like no one else ever had.

Not only did she turn the music world upside-down, she single-handedly revolutionized fashion in our favorite decade, too. Suddenly, underwear wasn’t just for ‘under’ anymore. Fishnets, lace, bangly bracelets, and touseled, bleach-blond hair became a ‘must’ for girls in the 80s. Heaven help us, she even made crucifixes hip.

And we haven’t even mentioned her “movie career”, her marriage to Sean Penn, the controversy over her Playboy and Penthouse spreads, and her (short-lived) endorsement deal with Pepsi.

We weren’t sure if she was the second coming of Marilyn or a whole new creature unto herself. And we didn’t care. We’re just glad we were there to soak it all in.

Hell, the woman even had a microscopic organism named after her. Let’s see Britney top that.

We ♥ Madonna.

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~ by weheart80s on April 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Madonna”

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