Jelly Shoes

They weren’t sensible shoes by any means. They gave you blisters. The amount of foot sweat they caused was ridiculous in it’s own right and, man, they made your feet STINK. So, of course in the mid-80s they were the most bodacious shoes you could buy.

Jelly shoes hit the shelves and were almost immediately snatched up by girls everywhere. They were made of… well, a rubbery, jelly-like substance that actually looked pretty cool, but like we said… just not sensible. At first, we got to choose from a rainbow of colors (which was cool enough), but THEN they busted out the big guns. And by ‘big guns’, we mean glitter… INSIDE the “jelly.” Glitter! It was like someone had stepped into our dreams, plucked one out, and made it a reality!

Plus, we had the added bonus of wearing a sandal disguised as a shoe! Open toes? Not here, mister. We’ll take the breezy way out, thankyouverymuch. Jellies looked like simple flats but with little holes throughout. Looking back, we now realize this is mainly so our feet didn’t shrivel up and wither away in the sweltering heat caused by the rubber.

So, following in the steps of almost every other fashion to come out of the 80s, Jelly shoes were fairly ugly, not the least bit reasonable, and didn’t survive the decade. To this we say? Rock. On.

We ♥ Jelly Shoes.

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~ by weheart80s on April 27, 2010.

5 Responses to “Jelly Shoes”

  1. I still wear my jelly shoes! they look cute and go with everything! bring on the 80’s

  2. I bought a pair at a thrift store (needless to say let em soak in a half bleach half water solution for an hour before using them) i love them. They’re clear with the glitter in the gel I wear them them with jeans and sundresses but I can see why they were so popular in the 80’s…they’re absolutely adorable(oh and plus side is no girls/women my age have a pair since I’m 20 yrs old)

  3. […] so much iconic STUFF. What I loved was: the Thriller Album, cabbage patch dolls, pant stirrups, jelly shoes, slouch socks, penny candy, scrunchies, Jake from Sixteen Candles (I wonder whatever happened to […]

  4. , my mom wouldn’t let me have any. I was only allowed to wear sensible shoes. Boy, was I jealous of all the girls in their jellies! My aunt felt bad for me and bought a purple pair for me. My mom saw me wearing them, and in the trash they went!
    I’ve developed a shoe fetish since then, and now wear the most unsensible shoes imaginable. I’ve paid the price with ugly feet that required surgery to straighten crooked toes.
    Now that I’m grown up, I’m going to buy a vintage pair of jellies!!!

  5. i loved my Jelly shoes but yes they did make your feet smell and your feet got hot and you got blisters but they looked good and thats all we girls want.

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