American Top 40 with Casey Kasem

“Record stores sell ’em, Billboard ranks ’em, and AT40 counts ’em down!”

He was there like clockwork. For four hours every weekend though the 80s, we welcomed Casey Kasem into our room and listened as he counted down the top 40 songs in the country… like only he could.

“The hits don’t stop ’til we reach the top!”

He had more catchphrases than any person should, but they just helped make Casey unique… and made AT40 a weekly ritual for kids across the country.

“As the numbers get smaller, the hits get bigger!”

Would Van Halen’s “Jump” stay at number one for a fifth straight week? Or would Cyndi Lauper move up two notches to number one with “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”? We needed to know!

♪ ♫ “The hits from coast to coa-oaast!” ♫ ♪

But it wasn’t just a simple countdown. No, sir… that’d be too easy. Our man Casey would keep us entertained by sprinkling in all kinds of inane trivia throughout the show. And no, we could never guess who the heck he was talking about.

“And now we’re up to the latest hit from a band who once stored their equipment in a nightclub and later returned to find it frozen inside a solid block of ice…”

Casey would also take time during the show to give shout-outs to a few of the hundreds of stations that played the show. Don’t know about you, but we listened pretty much every week throughout the 80s, and we never heard our station mentioned once. Not once! Where was the love for K-95, Casey??

“Each week, AT40 is heard across the country and around the world on great radio stations like…”

And then… then there was the long distance dedication. From the kid who was fighting with his big sister. From the girl whose prom date had just broken up with her. From the mom who was trying to reach out to her delinquent son… There was always a great story to tell, and Casey was there with a shoulder to cry on.

“Well, Sarah, here’s your long distance dedication: “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” by… (dramatic pause) Chicago.”

So, have we got you pining yet? Well, fear not. Dozens of radio stations across the country now play re-runs of AT40 from the 80s.

If you’re lucky enough to live near one, give a listen. And until next time…

“Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars.”

We ♥ American Top 40 with Casey Kasem.

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