Debbie Gibson

She was the original bubblegum pop princess, and she made the late 80s a time to remember. (Of course, a rivalry with fellow pop tart Tiffany didn’t hurt. Stay tuned, we’ll have more on that next week.)

It all began in the summer of 1987. As we’ve already discussed, Can’t Buy Me Love was getting ready to hit theaters, and one of our favorite shows, MacGyver, had just wrapped up its second season.

On June 20 of that glorious year, Debbie’s first single “Only in My Dreams” cracked the top 50 on the Billboard chart. By September, it would go all the way up to number 4, and somewhere in Louisiana, 5-year-old Britney Spears got an idea.

Debbie’s first album, the pop-a-licious Out of the Blue, sold three million copies, reached #7 on the album chart, and spawned a total of four top-5 singles. Among them was her first #1, “Foolish Beat”, which topped the charts a year later, on June 25, 1988.

And with that, Debbie Gibson became the youngest artist in history to perform, produce, and write a #1 song. It’s a record that still stands today. (Suck it, Justin Bieber.)

Her songs were wholesome, her look was just so gosh-darn cute (particularly the trademark black pork pie hat), and as young as she was, she still knew how to craft a pretty decent pop song. Or 12.

In March 1989, Debbie released her second album, Electric Youth, which shot to the top of the charts and stayed there for 5 weeks. It also produced her biggest-ever single, the high-school-slow-dance staple, “Lost in Your Eyes”, which spent three weeks at #1.

By the time the 90s rolled around (Booooo, 90s!), Debbie’s pop career had started to fade, but we’ll always remember the late 80s very fondly, thanks in part to that cute, blonde pop star with the funky hat.

We ♥ Debbie Gibson.

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