Choose Your Own Adventure Books

If you decide to follow Matt’s suggestion and return to town, turn to page 10.
If you decide to wait another half-hour for the plane, turn to page 15.

So… you’re a kid in the 80s, and you want to read a book. Sure, you can pick up your copy of Superfudge (which we love) or maybe a classic like Tom Sawyer.

You sit down in a comfy chair, pop open a Tab, maybe some PopRocks, and start reading. Starting at page one, you go straight through until you reach the end.

Where’s the fun in that?

Now, what if you could skip around all over the place, and (even better!) what if you could pick what happened in the story? What if you could… (wait for it…) Choose Your Own Adventure?

Well, thanks in part to authors Edward Packard and R. A. Montgomery, the 80s were a very good decade for readers.

Starting with The Cave of Time, and going on to include classics like Inside UFO 54-40, The Race Forever, and Your Code Name is Jonah, the Choose Your Own Adventure series suddenly made reading a whole lot more interesting.

Did you want to return to the mothership? Or should you continue following that rocket toward the black hole? At the end of almost every page, you had two options for continuing the story. More often than not, neither choice was particularly appealing, and sometimes what seemed like the logical choice only led to a quick death (in the book). We had no way of knowing whether the story would end well or poorly. And that was what made these books so fun.

Plus, most of the CYOA books had more than 30 different endings, so instead of one long book, you suddenly has a couple-dozen little ones all together.

And what is more awesome than that?

We ♥ Choose Your Own Adventure Books.

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