Press Your Luck

Oh, those pesky Whammies.

Sure there was the whole ‘answer-some-trivia-questions’ bit on Press Your Luck, but seriously, who really cares that stamps (not coins or antiques) are Americans’ favorite things to collect, or that more male plastic surgery patients get work done on their nose (not eyes or chin).

No, sir. For us, it was all about the Whammies. Which means, like with most game shows, it was the bonus round that made us want to watch.

Once host Peter Tomarkin’s questions had been answered and the spins had been stockpiled, the real game could begin. Eighteen squares on the Big Board– some with money, some with vacation trips, and some with Whammies. And there was that one lighted square bouncing all over the place, waiting for you to press ‘stop’ and see your prize.

So, Mr. Joe Contestant… are you feelin’ pretty good sitting there with your $23,000, a trip to London, and two spins? Well what are you gonna do? Are you gonna… Press Your Luck?

Big money! Big money! No Whammies! And……. STOP!

Yes, our little red cartoon friend would always pop up at the wrong time, but you gotta give him some credit– he never took your money the same way twice. Whether it was by explosion, vacuum cleaner, or crashing car, that squeaky-voiced dude kept us entertained.

We didn’t get to watch Press Your Luck so much from ’83 to ’86 (you know… school and all), but then when CBS decided to move it to 4pm later that year, we suddenly had something to look forward to as we sat in Miss. Franklin’s math class.

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Michael Larson, the man who cracked the system and walked away with an unprecedented $110,000. You see, our man Michael figured out the pattern. He knew where the lighted box was going to land, and he knew how to avoid the whammies. Call it cheating (though we don’t) or just call it smart (after all, it was the idiotic producers who thought a patterns were a good idea), he walked away a rich man.

Though he later lost it all, it was easily the best moment of Press Your Luck‘s three-year run.

We ♥ Press Your Luck.

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~ by weheart80s on May 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “Press Your Luck”

  1. No whammies, no whammies, no whammies… STOP!

  2. Big bucks and no Whammies!

  3. Then they came out Whammies all new Press Your Luck.

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