Warning: Reading this post will most likely cause you to get a certain song stuck in your head for the better part of the day. Proceed at your own risk.

C’mon– look us in the eyes and tell us you haven’t dialed it at least once.


It’s gotta be the most famous phone number in history: 867-5309. And to this day thousands of people across the country call it every year (regardless of their area code) and ask for Jenny.

867-5309/Jenny was a huge hit for Tommy Tutone back in 1982 (the 16th biggest song of the year, in fact), reaching #4 on the BIllboard charts.

It’s a sad tale of a man who sees a girl’s phone number on the bathroom wall, but never gets up the nerve to call her (though we all assume he did eventually).

What the song’s about, though, isn’t important. Nope– the real story is that famous phone number.

Beginning in March 1982 and continuing on until today, pity the poor soul whose phone number was/is 867-5309. From 2 beleaguered Brown University students who were doomed when the school added the 867 prefix in 1999, to the daughter of the former police chief of Buffalo, NY, there’s been no shortage of headaches caused by those seven little digits.

So where did songwriter Alex Call come up with the phone number? “…just sitting in my backyard,” he said. “There was no Jenny. I don’t know where the number came from, I was just trying to write a 4-chord rock song and it just kind of came out.”

And a whole lot of awesome (and a whole lot of prank calls) came with it.

We ♥ 867-5309/Jenny.

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~ by weheart80s on May 17, 2010.

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