Pound Puppies

They banked on your pity. Their droopy eyes, the floppy ears, their pitiful sob story… They had you from the get-go. Who wouldn’t want to adopt an adorable, loveable Pound Puppy? A heartless wench, that’s who. (Or someone who didn’t want to shell out the fifteen or so bucks to get one. Either or.)

They came on to the scene in the early 80s. Each stuffed animal (you had your pick between a Pound Puppy or a Pound Purry) came with their own adoption certificate and a carrying case. Appealing to little boys and girls alike, the animals were quite the hit. Popular (Pupular? Ha? Anyone? No? Ok…) enough to spawn their own television series and feature length film.

Cooler, the leader of the Pound Puppies, was a Beagle/Shi-Tzu mix and managed to always, yes, keep his cool. Whenever the group needed to get busy defending whatever cause they were fighting for that week (ok, fine, most weeks they were just trying to keep their home, the pound, from getting shut down) Cooler would shout out, “Pound Puppies, let’s get pounding!” Which… pounding? Really? Just no, Cooler…

Katrina, the resident baddie, had two main goals in the cartoon series. A) She wanted the pound shut down or B) She was trying to capture the Pound Puppies and kill them. (It was the 80s… They let more stuff slide back then. Don’t blame us!) However, Holly, a girl with the gift of Puppy Power was always there to help save the day and foil Katrina’s plans. In the end, everything worked out for the best.

Nowadays you might see some random car (our guess is a Buick because it’s always a Buick) with a million Pound Puppies or Purries laid up in the back window, showing off their massive and somewhat disturbing collection of the stuffed animals. But, we here at Best of the 80s love them simply because of what decade they were spawned in… Even if we couldn’t figure out exactly why they were so dang flat.

We ♥ Pound Puppies.

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~ by weheart80s on May 19, 2010.

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