Because sometimes you just didn’t feel like wearing actual clothes to school. You were sleepy and the taxing process of actually getting dressed was just too much to take at 6am after a long night of New Coke drinking and Pitfall playing. You had a problem. They had a solution: Skidz.

Skidz were basically pajama pants. Don’t let them fool you but oh did they fool our parents. They were sold in a clothing store (The Merry Go Round to be exact…) They had them on the mannequins with tennis shoes and t-shirts. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck… You get where we’re going with this. Skidz totally qualified as acceptable clothing to wear out in public.

Granted in the 90s (blech!) and even into the 2000s (booo!) wearing your pajama pants out in public may have become a teensy bit more acceptable but in the 80s? Man, that was completely unheard of. Pajama pants were for sleeping! No way were they for the average joe to see you in between 2nd and 3rd hour in school!

But thanks to Skidz, they pushed all the rules to the side. They screamed, “Wear me! Be comfortable! And best of all, do it all in front of the public eye!” So we did. And we relished in the comfort of it all. Of course one might try to pass off their normal sleep pants as Skidz but you could spot that impostor from a mile away. Helloooo, doofus. Skidz had their trademark bright yellow patch out in plain sight. No way you could fake that.

Alas, comfort only reigned over fashion for a short time. Before long Skidz weren’t as popular as when they started out and they were then relinquished back into the drawer with all of your other (gasp!) pajama pants. We imagine the poor Skidz pants shuddering because of the inhumanity of it all. However, they got to bask in their glory for a short time and that’s how we like to remember them… So maybe tonight, when you’re getting ready to pull on your comfy pants, give a little head nod to the one group who tried to break free from the chains of being delegated as ONLY being appropriate for sleeping: Skidz.

We ♥ Skidz.

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~ by weheart80s on May 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Skidz”

  1. Awww man! Between Skidz and Jams … I don’t know which was cooler! (Probably Skidz, ha!)

  2. […] all got dressed up for Erev Shabbat: The boys wore Z.Cavaricci, Skidz, and Izods with the collars popped. The girls wore Gunne Sax, Naf Naf, and CP Shades. Here’s my […]

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