Pyramid Puzzle

No, not the game show with Dick Clark. (That will come later.) We’re talking the puzzle/game thingy.

You know the Rubik’s Cube (we love it!), and you may remember Rubik’s Snake (yep, we love that, too!), but how far back into your memory bank to you need to go to remember the Pyramid (or Tomy’s “Pyraminx”, as it was officially called)?

A tetrahedron– four sides, each with nine triangle-shaped pieces. And since it was the 80s, of course it was neon-colored… so bright that the sun had to put shades on to look at it.

On paper it certainly seemed like it would be easier to solve than the Cube, but we’re darned if we could figure it out. (Flip the bottom once, then flip that side diagonally, then twist the top piece. Dammit, that’s not it!)

Released to the masses at the height of the puzzle craze in 1981, the Pyramid (really, did anyone call it Pyraminx?) went on to become one of the top selling toys that year… and in years to come.

Maybe it was the neon, maybe it was just because it was a fad. Maybe it’s because there were only 75,582,720 possible color combinations (as opposed to the Cube’s forty-three quintillion).

Whatever the reason, we’ll always remember the 80s, at least in part, because of the Pyramid.

We ♥ the Pyramid.

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~ by weheart80s on May 28, 2010.

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