Leg Warmers

You know… Maybe there IS something behind this whole Global Warming spiel people keep talking about these days. Back in the 80s it was so damn cold even our calves couldn’t take it! We’d slap on the fluffy cylinders of fabric over tights, jeans, you name it. Even in the summer!


Nothing else we wore in the 80s made sense so why start now? (Why, hello, Members Only Jackets.) Leg warmers came onto the scene around 1980 and were originally worn by dancers to keep their muscles warm after stretching so that they wouldn’t cramp up. (See? Jennifer Beals knew what she was doing.) But before long the fashion trend had made its way into the mainstream and like we said, everyone was doing it. Whether it be over a pair of tights or a pair of tapered leg jeans (But not tight rolled jeans… You’d want to show off your mad rolling skillz.) leg warmers were all the rage.

Of course, it did help that Jennifer Beals made the whole fad sexy with her turn as dancer-by-day-welder-by-night character in Flashdance. (We love it. You’ll see.) However, before our favorite decade was coming to an end, leg warmers had gone the way of the dinosaur. Although, cute (odd?) the accessory was more of a pain than anything. There was bunching. There was slipping. There was that whole, “Why are you wearing those when it’s 95 degrees out?” So, in the end, the little guys just weren’t tough enough to stand up to all the pressure. Regardless, it doesn’t make us ♥ them any less.

We ♥ Leg Warmers.

~ by weheart80s on June 9, 2010.

One Response to “Leg Warmers”

  1. I love leg warmers too. I’ve been wearing them all the time this Winter, although I think I may be the only one where I live.

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