“What is so special about Baskin?”
“He’s a grown up!”

In the summer of 1988, Cheers had just wrapped up its 6th season (Sam came this close to telling Rebecca he was in love with her), Samantha Fox was burning up the charts with “Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)”, and Tom Hanks (most recently see a year earlier in Dragnet) had a new movie coming out.

Unfortunately it looked like it was going to be another one of those silly Freaky Friday kind of movies about an adult who switches places with a kid. In fact, Judge Reinhold’s inane Vice Versa had just come out three months earlier.

Boy, were we wrong.

Not only was Big a good movie, it has stood the test of time as one of the all-time classics. Tom Hanks scored his first Oscar nomination as Josh Baskin (the adult version…. though David Moscow was no slouch either, as the young version), and it was made even better with supporting performances by Elizabeth Perkins, Mercedes Ruehl, John Heard, Robbert Loggia, Jon Lovitz, and even Jared Rushton as Josh’s friend Billy Kopecki.

Heartwarming and hilarious, adorable and bittersweet, Big was just about everything you could want in a movie.

It all started with the wish on the Voltar machine, and it ended with the classic shot of Moscow running into his house as his too-big shoes flopped off, and along the way there were almost too many great scenes to mention (but that won’t stop us from trying):
● The morning Josh wakes up big and sees himself in the mirror
● “Shimmy shimmy coco-bop, shimmy shimmy rock…”
● Josh and Billy squirting Silly String out of their nose in the hotel
● The trampoline scene in the loft
● Josh trying caviar and baby corn at the company party
● The “sleepover” with Susan
● The montage as Josh realizes he really does want to go home
● and, of course, the super-huge piano scene at FAO Schwarz

It’s a movie we could watch over and over again (and, quite frankly, we do.) It’s just that awesome.

We ♥ Big.


~ by weheart80s on June 15, 2010.

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