Up. Up. Down. Down. Left. Right. Left. Right. B. A. Start.

That was it. That was all you needed to save your planet in Contra. Unless you were spectacularly bad, of course. We mean, that Konami code gave you a total of 30 lives and if it took you more than that to defeat the bad guys, well, you probably just needed to step away from the NES.

When Contra debuted it was two guys, Bill and Lance, on a mission to save the earth from terrorists going by the name of Red Falcon. This was a seriously bad group who’s only intention was to take over the planet. RULE THE WORLD. That sorta thing. But then with the whole Iran-Contra Affair, it just seemed too serious. So, when it debuted on the Nintendo Entertainment System the Red Falcon terrorist group had been replaced with what else? Aliens. (Aliens who looked surprisingly similar to those that Sigourney Weaver fought off in a certain Ridley Scott film…) Seems logical.

The game was addicting. You could play alone and face evil without any backup or you could play with a friend and both of you take on the aliens at once. There were lots of explosions. There was lots of gunfire. There was lots of edge-of-your-seat excitement and Bill and Lance were there to help you through it all. What would we do without the 80s? Not have games like this, that’s what.

We ♥ Contra.


~ by weheart80s on June 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “Contra”

  1. Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, start

    That’s still firmly engrained in my brain all these years (probably taking the space of something much more important)

  2. The spread gun was the best!

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