Teen Wolf

Give me… a keg… of beer.

What’s a guy to do? He hits the magical age of sixteen and suddenly he practically needs to buy stock in Schick. This isn’t normal behavior, right? Who gets that hairy at sixteen? Scott Howard, that’s who. But no worries. Just the typical beginnings of the transformation from boy to wolf…

In 1985 Teen Wolf showed up, Michael J. Fox was in his prime and werewolves were all the rage. (Well… maybe not yet, but Silver Bullet was set to come out later that year, so just go with it.) Scott Howard may not have been the coolest guy in school (it was hard with an obnoxious best friend like Styles), but he dealt with it the best he could. Plus, he had Boof by his side, always the voice of reason. BUT when the wolf comes out, there’s only so much a guy can do. So, instead of balking at the fact that his entire body was covered with hair and that he was a giant freak amongst the rest of his school, he embraced it. It didn’t hurt that becoming a werewolf also apparently gives you insane hoops skillz.

Dealing with his new popularity poses a bit of a challenge since his vice-principal had the same problem with his father (mainly because werewolves make him lose bladder control) and the star basketball player doesn’t like Scott stealing the spotlight (or possibly his girl.) Of course, in typical 80s movie fashion, the popularity goes to his head, his misfit group of friends start to feel a tad left out and well, Scott, just because you’re a werewolf doesn’t mean you’re better than anyone!

Ok, pause… Guy’s a dork, suddenly becomes popular, popularity goes to his head, friends start feeling left out, guy learns valuable lesson and returns to true self because that’s what really matters… Sound familiar? Well, it should because it’s essentially the exact same story line as Can’t Buy Me Love. (Did you really think we DIDN’T love it?) Just substitute the unexpected wolfiness of the situation and Michael J. Fox with money and Patrick Dempsey. Voila!

Yes, all’s well that ends well. (Especially for that extra in the very last scene. YEP. Did you catch it? He totally has his pants down and wants to Wang Chung tonight, if you get what we’re saying.) Scott wins the final basketball game of the year (playing as HIMSELF and not the wolf, mind you) and finally realizes Boof is more than just his best friend. (Phew! We were worried.) Spectacular.

Teen Wolf, may you forever reign werewolf king in our favorite decade.

We ♥ Teen Wolf.

~ by weheart80s on January 7, 2011.

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