Cum On Feel the Noize

“Cum on feel the noize!
Girls, rock your boys!
We’ll get wild, wild wild….”

They may have skipped the same spelling class that Def Leppard did, but that didn’t mean that Quiet Riot wasn’t well-schooled in the ways of rock. When they arrived on the scene in September 1983 with this riotous cover of the mid-70s classic from Slade, we knew we were in for a crazee ride.

It’s a hard-rocking tune with the simplest of messages (‘Rock hard and rock loud, people!’), so it’s no wonder “Cum On Feel the Noize” spent a total of 21 weeks on the chart, peaking at #5 for two weeks in November.

Apparently, though, it almost didn’t come to be. As the story goes, the band’s producer suggested the song to them, but Quiet Riot hated it so much they sabotaged the recording session, playing the song so poorly that there’d be no way it would ever make the cut.

That one (and only) take is what has now been preserved for all time as one of the first (and loudest and best) hair metal songs… ever.

So go ahead– throw on that straightjacket, make sure your hockey mask is straight, and sport that spandex like there’s no tomorrow.

We’re gonna get wild toniiiiiiiiiight!

We ♥ Cum On Feel the Noize.

~ by weheart80s on January 11, 2011.

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