My Little Pony

Gotta say, Cotton Candy got a little jipped in the design department. Seriously, does she have a rash?

At some point in every little girl’s life there’s the inevitable question: “Can I have a pony?” And finally, in 1983, parents around the world rejoiced because, “Yes, my precious daughter! Yes you can have a pony! (of the Hasbro variety).”

When the My Little Pony brigade hit the scene, each one featured an image on its butt to let us know who it was: stars for ‘Galaxy’, tiny shamrocks for ‘Minty’… But this was only the “Earth Ponies” generation. Sure, they were all grand with their rainbow colors, but the real treat came when Hasbro busted out the Unicorn and Pegasus generations. What little girl can say no to a unicorn?!

Then came the So Soft ponies (covered in that swanky, velvet-like material) and Twinkle Eye ponies (Note: Those things were creepy with their jewel eyes. Not OK, Hasbro.) All in all, regardless of the bejeweled-eye nightmares, Hasbro had a huge hit on their hands.

As the years rolled by, the Ponies’ colors got brighter, their names got sappier and the sales skyrocketed. Then in 1986, the My Little Pony crew got its own animated TV series (though, seriously, what toy in the 80s didn’t get its own cartoon?) plus a full-length feature film.

Yes, the Ponies were on their way, but then the 80s ended, and Magic Star, Gusty, and the rest of the herd were shipped off to the glue factory. No, seriously, they just fizzled out for a bit, but fear not, our pastel equestrian friends are back and better than ever, currently grazing on the shelves of toy stores around the world.

Still, we prefer to remember them as they were in the good ol’ days. It’s just so much sweeter that way.

We ♥ My Little Pony.


~ by weheart80s on January 13, 2011.

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  1. Mattel making new My Little Pony!

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