Sweat Bands

Sweaty wrists? The 80s had you covered.

Much like leg warmers (um, of COURSE we love them) sweatbands were a big hit in the 80s because (apparently) looking like we’d just left a gym was THE look to have. (We blame Jennifer Beals.) Did you have to be in a gym to sport sweatbands? Nope. Did you even have to be wearing clothes that somewhat resembled workout attire? Not at all. You could rock those bad boys with a skirt, leggings and heels. It didn’t matter.

Plus, you had a choice of body parts on which to wear this particularly awesome piece of 80s attire.

If you’re at a club, and you don’t want your sweet dance moves interrupted by salty sweat stinging your eyes OR ruining your awesome makeup, you could go with the headband. However, if you were seriously up on your game (and we don’t mean on the court) you could always go for wrist variety. Why? Well, don’t YOUR wrists sweat a lot? Ok, fine– neither do ours. Let’s just chalk it all up to another bold and daring fashion movement in the 80s.

We have to give it up to the tennis players and other athletes who first busted out the sweatbands (albeit for their intended purposes) but the real credit? Well, it goes to that unknown brave soul who first slapped one on and said, “You know what? I may not be playing any sort of recreational activity or exerting enough energy to make me even break a sweat but, by God, these things make me look awesome.

We ♥ sweatbands.


~ by weheart80s on January 14, 2011.

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