Micro Machines

We know, we know… you want to play with your Matchbox cars, but frankly- they’re just too darn big. Seriously, where are you supposed to store those 2″ x 1″ hunks of metal when you’re done playing with them? A matchbox?

Well, fear not, my bodacious bro. There’s a new toy in town, and it’s called a Micro Machine.

So small that they’re barely visible to the naked eye, this fleet of mini cars, trucks, boats, and planes was all the rage, beginning with their debut in 1987. Thousands and thousands of these surprisingly-detailed little buggers flooded the market in the late 80s, thanks in large part to the tireless promotion by Galoob (we still can’t say that word with a straight face).

One of the 80s top pitchmen, fast-talker John Moschitta, Jr. (you know, the FedEx guy!) was called in for a series of ads, and you really couldn’t turn on your TV in the late 80s with out seeing them… especially on Saturday morning.

The popularity of Micro Machines continued to grow long after our favorite decade was through, even spawning a series of computer and video games that continued into the early 00s, but in recent years, they’ve all but fizzled out.

Maybe if kids could actually see them, our favorite tiny toys would have stuck around a little longer. Oh well– guess we’ll go back to playing with those gargantuan Hot Wheels cars that we stashed in that shoebox.

We ♥ Micro Machines.


~ by weheart80s on January 18, 2011.

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