The Neverending Story

Problems. We all have them, and in middle school… well, that’s when we thought things couldn’t get any worse. (Little did we know.) Take Bastian for example. Poor guy didn’t have any friends, was constantly tormented by unoriginal bullies, and basically just lived an all-around dreary existence.

That is… until the one day he wanders into a dusty old book store. (Everyone knows that’s where magic hides.)

A giant, dusty old book is produced, with warnings that it was an entry into an amazing (though dangerous) fantasy world. Sure enough, Bastian steals the book and makes his way into Fantasia, where he finds all sort of incredibly weird (but typically 80s) creatures. It’s a land in need of a hero, that’s just what Bastian proves to be in The Neverending Story, one of our favorite films to hit theaters in 1984.

So, what were the requirements of hero-dom, you ask? Well, give the Childlike Empress a name. (Side note: Why didn’t her mother have this little tidbit already covered? Anyone?)

Bastian gets to watch Atreyu, the Rock Biter, and other odd beings fight against (and -Spoiler Alert!- eventually defeat) The Nothing. The Nothing, you see, was eating Fantasia and, had that happened, the Childlike Empress would’ve been dunzo. However, this battle was not won without a devastating loss. Yes friends, Artax (Atreyu’s beloved stallion) succumbed to the perils of the quicksand in the Swamp of Sadness (Really, like the name of the place didn’t give it away?), all because he couldn’t muster up enough energy to believe good would win out over evil. Rest in peace, boy.

But look on the bright side… Bastian got to give a name to the Empress (though ‘Moonchild’ always struck us as a little lame.) Plus he got that stellar ride on Falcor the Luck Dragon through the alleyways and back to the bullies that were picking on the him in the first place.

Ah, we love a good full-circle story. And when it’s augmented by a deliciously cheesy pop song, well… there it is.

At its time, The Neverending Story was the most expensive film produced outside the US or USSR (it was German, dontchaknow). And while it may have tanked at the box office, it has since gone on to be a huge video hit. Why? Because it’s just that awesome.

We ♥ The Neverending Story


~ by weheart80s on January 24, 2011.

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