Mad About You

“Something ’bout you, right here beside me,
Touches that touch part of me like I can’t believe…”

For all of you expecting a post about that cutesy Paul Reiser/Helen Hunt sitcom (from the 90s!), shame on you! This is ‘Best of the 80s‘ folks, and the only ‘Mad About You’ we care about came from the sultry lips of our beloved Belinda Carlisle.

The early 80s may have belonged to The Go-Gos, but the late 80s were the sole property of their lead singer Miss Carlisle (who’s still our front-runner for the title of ’80s Most Underrated Hottie’).

And it all began in the summer of ’86 with an infectious little ditty called “Mad About You”.

Orignally slated to be on The Go-Gos’ (then) fourth album, the tune became sloppy seconds for Belinda’s debut record after the group broke up in 1985. And just to show there were no hard feelings, “Mad About You” featured back-up vocals from Go-Gos Jane Wiedlin and Charlotte Caffey. Plus, (80s Trivia Alert!) how about some love for that killer guitar solo by Duran Duran’s own Andy Taylor? (Yes, that’s him in the video, too.)

“Mad About You” was an instant hit in ’86, spending a total of 21 weeks on the chart and reaching #3 in August… And what’s not to love, really? A synth-driven, easily-singable confection that sounded so much like our beloved Go-Gos, it was like they never even broke up.

Alas, though, the Go-Gos were done (at least for the time being), and we were sad.. but as long as Belinda continued to bless us with her frothy pop tunes, we knew we’d be OK.

We ♥ “Mad About You”.


~ by weheart80s on January 26, 2011.

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