3 Men and a Baby

Talk about a cast… Danson? Check. Selleck? Check. Guttenberg?! CHECK. And of course, a storyline that is (a) completely ridiculous and (b) a little heavy on the queso factor. That’s right, we’re talking about 1987’s Three Men and a Baby.

The movie revolves around three bachelors with differing personalities. Jack (Danson) is the outlandish playboy who appears to be running a personal brothel in and out of his snazzy NYC condo. Peter (Selleck) is the sensitive type. He listens to women’s wants and needs. (Why is he still single, you ask? Beats us.) Then, you have Michael. He’s a cartoonist. He’s witty! He’s funny! He’s… Guttenberg! A baby is left at the door of their bachelor pad (conveniently when Jack’s away shooting a commercial), and Peter and Michael are left to take care of the baby. Jack, who is actually the biological father, has no idea the kid even exists so imagine the hilarity that ensues when he gets home to find that he is indeed a ‘new’ daddy. (Ok, fine, it’s not really so much “hilarious” as it is “somewhat endearing” and “mildly entertaining.”)

Hijinks, drug deals gone haywire, single men getting peed on… it all happens over the course of the movie, but no discussion of TM&aB would be complete without the “ghost” scene. You know the one: little boy supposedly shot himself by accident, and his ghost just lingers in the billowy curtains… even on the set of a comedy movie. (Quit trying to bring us down, kid!) But alas, ghost hunters, you were set up for disappointment, for it was only a cardboard cut out of Mr. Danson himself.

One more little tidbit for inquiring minds: Anyone wanna take a guess at who directed this lovable comedy? That’s right. Leonard Nimoy. Yes, apparently Spock, from Star Trek has a soft spot for lovable, goofy bachelors stumbling through the process of raising a small child. Who knew?

We ♥ 3 Men and a Baby.

~ by weheart80s on February 7, 2011.

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