The Cosby Show

Before there was “Must See TV”, there was Thursday night on NBC, and starting on September 20, 1984, Thursday night on NBC meant The Cosby Show (and Family Ties… and Cheers… and Night Court).

Seriously, has there been a better two straight hours of television EVER?

Our man Cos’ was certainly an unlikely hero on the TV landscape. In a decade when ‘sitcom’ meant ‘silly’, he was a mature (though still hilarious), loving (though still stern), and classy (though still sometimes, yes, a little goofy) fella. As Cliff Huxtable, OB/GYN, he was just about the perfect patriarch. And with wife Clair, and kids Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa, and Rudy, they were just about the perfect family.

Sue they had their troubles (Clair finding a joint in one of Theo’s schoolbooks, Vanessa putting makeup on even though she wasn’t old enough yet), and there were plenty of ‘interesting’ characters landing on the Huxtable doorstep (Theo’s friend Cockroach, Rudy’s friend Kenny… er, ‘Bud’), but through it all, the family stayed strong, and the show stayed great.

The Cosby Show would end its amazing run in 1992, but not before staying atop the ratings for five straight years and earning the title of #1 show of the 80s.

You’d think somewhere along the way that ol’ Cliff could buy himself a sweater that didn’t look like Andy Warhol threw up on it, but hey… if that’s the only thing we can find to complain about, then we guess it must have been a pretty good show.

We ♥ The Cosby Show.


~ by weheart80s on February 10, 2011.

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