Inspector Gadget

“Go Go Gadget Copter!”

It’s not often that you get a bumbling idiot, half-robot cartoon superhero, but we children of the 80s… we were a lucky bunch, huh?

In 1983, Inspector Gadget burst onto the scene. Of course, our parents were immediately reminded of the bumbling idiot spy in Get Smart, but we had no frame of reference. We just thought he had cool toys, had a funny way of talking, and that he dressed in a weird raincoat.

Of course, the whole cyborg thing was pretty sweet. None of our friends could make his neck 6 feet long or have an 8-foot telescoping magnifying glass pop out of his hat. If only our ol’ buddy Gadget just had a CLUE! Then again… I suppose having your cute little niece and her trusty dog actually be the brains of the outfit made for an interesting twist (Get it? ‘Brains’? You know… ’cause the dog’s name was Brain!)

Gadget would go on to fight Dr. Claw and M.A.D. Cat for only two seasons, but he survives in syndication even today. Somewhere, Chief Quimby is being blown up, Dr. Claw is grumbling “Next time, Gadget!”, and chances are you’re now humming one of the catchiest theme songs to emerge from our favorite decade:

Bah-dah-dum-de-dum In-spec-tor Gad-get… Bah-dah-dum-de-dum BUM BUM!

We ♥ Inspector Gadget.


~ by weheart80s on February 17, 2011.

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