Miami Vice fashion

You sad, sad little boy… sitting there in your dark suit with matching socks and a silk tie. When were you born? 1992?

Tell you what… let’s get rid of that button-down Oxford. Here’s a turquoise T-shirt instead. Put that on. And let’s see… those polyester pants will never do. Here’s a nice beige, linen pair. Good.

Ok, it looks like you haven’t shaved yet today. Great. Go with that. In fact, if there’s any way you could grow even more stubble in the next hour, that would be perfect.

And kick off those pilgrim shoes, pal. What are you thinking? And those argyle socks? Nuh-uh. Peel those off, burn them, and then slip these babies on. Genuine calf-skin loafers. Just like putting your feet into butter, amiright?

Alright, we’re almost there. Let’s see… No! Absolutely not! You are not wearing a belt! We’re you brought up at a boarding school? Sheesh!

Oh, right- almost forgot! This, friend, is what’s known ’round these parts as an unconstructed blazer. No shoulder pads, no lining, no nothing. Put this on and see if it’s not the most comfortable thing you’ve ever worn.

Looking back, is there anything in the 80s that wasn’t influenced by Miami Vice? Music? Check. TV? Obviously. Movies? Check. Travel? Check. Fashion? Well, duh.

Now, we’re not sure how many pimply-faced teenagers in Topeka were dollin’ themselves up in Sonny Crockett apparel, but we all knew exactly how awesome that ‘look’ was, no matter if we were sporting it or not.

(And for the record- yes, Rico dressed well, too… but he was a transplanted NYC cop. It’s not like he was any kind of fashion groundbreaker.)

Where were we? Oh yes, you are lookin’ good, my man. But there’s just one more thing… You can’t go anywhere without your Ray-Bans.


We ♥ Miami Vice fashion.


~ by weheart80s on February 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “Miami Vice fashion”

  1. Miami Vice was a big influence in 80’s fashion but historians forget that it was only a brief period (a fad) of 80’s fashion. Crockett’s sportcoat/suit with a T-shirt was not an original concept. David Bowie, Huey Lewis, and Duran Duran and even Eddie Van Halen all sported the look before Miami Vice. Crockett was, afterall, an MTV cop.

    Now besides the Miami Vice look, fashion was influenced a lot by pop culture icons and the John Hughes brat pack. Other male fashion included oversized and baggy clothes, sweaters, fedora hats, garish rockband T-shirts, the preppy look of polo shirts, Sperry topsiders, half done up ties – both leather and knitted – neon and checkerboard patterns, and “Top Gun” aviator gear.

    Other style influences in the day included Michael J Fox, Bruce Willis, surfwear (Billabong, Quiksilver, O’Neal), GQ magazine and the first mainstream wave of the hip-hop movement.

    So you see the 80’s wasn’t just ugly Member’s Only jackets, and the Miami Vice look.

  2. Thank you !

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