A Nightmare on Elm Street

One, two… Freddy’s coming for you.

At first glance you’re probably thinking, “What’s so terrifying about this guy? He’s in a terrible sweater (stripes do not suit you well, Mr. Krueger), and he’s sporting a hat from closet of Indiana Jones (who we love, by the way. It’s just that that hat is reserved for Mr. Jones and Mr. Jones only.) Plus, he comes up with terribly corny jokes and… we dunno, just… really, Wes Craven? This is what you stick us with after The Hills Have Eyes?”

Three, four… Better lock your door.

But then… when we start to really think about it, and Freddy may just be the most terrifying of all the iconic baddies. His face is scarred and melted from that horrible fire, and he has knives for finger. Knives! The worst part, though? You can’t really get away from him. He’s coming for you, regardless.

See, the key with Freddy was that he got you in your dreams. With Jason, you could just NOT go to Camp Crystal Lake, and a simple decision to not babysit on Halloween would save you from Michael, but with Freddy, there was no escape. Everyone has to sleep at some point.

Five, six… Grab your crucifix.

And so with this simple plot A Nightmare on Elm Street was born. Nancy and her group of friends are being tortured by child-killer Fred Krueger, who just happened to have been dispatched by a group of angry parents years earlier. Of course, Nancy’s mom doesn’t tell her this. Why would she? Her daughter’s having horrendous nightmares, waking up with cuts and bruises, and her daughter’s friend has just been murdered, and her other friend is being accused of that murder. I mean, we see no reason to believe Nancy or make a connection with everything going on, now do we? Sheesh… Parents.

Seven, eight… Gonna stay up late.

Notoriously gruesome (as most slasher flicks in our beloved decade were) the movie has Johnny Depp in his feature film debut, and we get a blood soaked 91 minutes filled with your typical 80s death scenes, including poor Tina’s eventful ride up to the ceiling and back down. (RIP Tina…)

Nine, ten… Never sleep again.

Never sleep again? *Sigh… If only it were that easy. Thank God for Red Bull these days.

We ♥ A Nightmare on Elm Street.


~ by weheart80s on February 21, 2011.

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  1. They made remake!

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