Axel F

Crazy Frog, our ass.

It takes a special brand of idiot to take one of the most awesome tunes from the 80s and turn it into what is unofficially the most annoying song of all time, but those fellas over at Crazy Frog pulled it off.

Taking our beloved “Axel F”, turning it EDM, and making it a ringtone? Hell, people have been sent to Rikers Island for less.

But we come here today not to bash idocy. No, we are here to sing the praises of the original instrumental… an 80s tune so perfect, so catchy, and so awesome that even kids who had never played a piano before were suddenly racing to the Casio keyboard display at Wal-Mart to show off their skillz.

Hariold Faltermeyer’s “Axel F” first hit our ears in December 1984 as the theme for Eddie Murphy’s Beverly Hills Cop. Just a few months later the song debuted on the Billboard chart, where it spent a total of 19 weeks, peaking at #3 for three weeks in June ’85. Of course, many of us were too young in 1984 to actually see Cop in the theaters, so we were left to wonder why the heck ‘axle’ was spelled funny… and why we weren’t supposed to care about axles A through E.

Regardless… in 1984, young Mr. Faltermeyer was an unknown composer, with only one other US film under his belt (Thief of Hearts). But all of a sudden, with “Axel F”, he was on the map. He was so hip, in fact, that he would later be hand-picked to compose the Top Gun anthem (as well as the similarly-catchy theme for Fletch.)

And then in 2005, Crazy Frog burst onto the scene and almost ruined “Axel F” for us children of the 80s. But no, we would not allow that. Every time our ears bled at the sound of that infernal ringtone, we chose instead to just remember the good times. Mr. Faltermeyer, we salute you.

We ♥ Axel F.


~ by weheart80s on February 23, 2011.

One Response to “Axel F”

  1. Hi everybody!

    I am looking for a song like “Axel F”, i think that this song was a best of 80s also in hip hop.
    Unfortunately I don’t know neither the artist nor the tittle of this instrumental song. A part of this song looks like to Axel F in his part.
    Only I can remenmber a bit of his chorus like this in synthesizer sound “tin tin tin tin tin tin, tin tin tin tin tin tin”

    If someone can help me thanks!

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