Tom Hanks

If there happen to be any youngsters gathered here today who simply love the 80s because they’re so awesome, and who unfortunately never got to experience them personally, brace yourself. What I’m about to tell you may just blow your mind.

…or not, if you have access to

You know Hollywood big wig Tom Hanks? Well, back before he was all serious in movies, he was actually pretty hilarious. No, really. We’re not joking. Back before Forrest Gump and Saving Private Ryan. Before Cast Away and Philadelphia, Mr. Hanks had the ability to make us laugh until our sides hurt. (And we’re not saying he still can’t! He’s got the ability, he just seems to choose more- shall we say ‘sophisticated’ roles these days.)

We here at Best of the 80s prefer to remember him way back in the early days when he cut his teeth as Buffy/Kip in TV’s Bosom Buddies, and then in films like Big (oh yeah, we love it!) and Bachelor Party… and Volunteers… and The Money Pit.

His Rick Gassko was great with the one-liners. Allen Bauer was completely lovable as the guy who accidentally falls in love with a mermaid. And Ray Peterson… Oh Ray, you may have just snuck in under the wire in 1989, but you knew what you were doing spying on your neighbors (We would have suspected them of murder, too!) Tom is a master of comedic timing, and we saw it then; we knew Mr. Hanks was destined for greatness.

As everyone knows, he went on to much more serious roles, and we’re okay with that. We love him no matter what. But take us back to the 80s, the golden days, when seeing that crazy, curly hair meant we were in for one hilarious ride.

We ♥ Tom Hanks.


~ by weheart80s on February 25, 2011.

2 Responses to “Tom Hanks”

  1. “Big” is an all-time favorite. I can watch it again and again. I do miss the 80s Tom Hanks, before he got all serious…

  2. […] when we said we loved Tom Hanks in his glory days of the 80s? Well, we weren’t lying. The ‘Burbs barely made it into […]

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