Some Kind of Wonderful

Amanda Jones… every guy wanted her, even though we’re not necessarily sure why. Sure, Lea Thompson was cute (we’ll forgive her for toying with the idea of bestiality in Howard the Duck, which we love!) but other than that, Miss Jones didn’t have a ton going for her. She wasn’t incredibly nice and, let’s be honest, most of her friends totally sucked. (Yeah, we’re looking at you, Shayne.)

Try telling that to Keith, though. He was head over heels in love, and there was no telling him otherwise. Even adorable, tomboyish, I-Wanna-Wear-Boy-Clothes-And-Play-My-Drums-All-Day Watts couldn’t convince him that Amanda Jones just WASN’T what he needed. But just as in most typical love stories, the lead doesn’t realize what he wants until the last minute, even though we’ve been screaming at him through our tv screen for the past hour and a half. “You’re in love with WATTS, fool!!!”

John Hughes came through yet again with his hit, Some Kind of Wonderful, when it graced the screens in early 1987. Eric Stoltz made us fall in love with him while he was pining away after Amanda. We hated Craig Sheffer’s Hardy Jenns (seriously, the guy’s name was Hardy. It doesn’t get much preppier than that, unless you were to go with Blaine and well, that’s a post for another day) and we totally rooted for Watts to win in the end.

The thing is, this is what Pretty in Pink, Hughes other ginormous hit, should’ve been. Hughes really wanted Andie to end up with Ducky (who we love!), but test audieces preferred her with Blaine, so that’s what he went with. After it came out, he still wasn’t satisfied, and Hughes released basically the same story with the ending that he always wanted. The good news for us? We got two fantastic movies that we 80s fanatics couldn’t help but love.

We ♥ Some Kind of Wonderful.


~ by weheart80s on February 28, 2011.

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