Trapper Keeper

Who doesn’t get excited for new school supplies?

Ok, fine, probably a lot of people, but for those of who love a fresh Bic, a stiff new spiral notebook, and a spanking-new ruler, well… Trapper Keeper was the best thing since sliced bread.

This wasn’t just your mama’s binder. Nor was it just your daddy’s pocket folder. No sir, this was the best of both worlds. Originally hitting the scene in the 70s (booooo!), the Trapper Keeper saw its glory days unfold (ba-dum-dum!) in the mid 80s. Yes, it was technically a binder, but instead of just being boring old metal snap rings inside, you had sliding rings, plus a shiny, durable vinyl cover, plenty of pocket folders, and let us not forget that super-handy conversion chart.

Need to know how many grams are in a pound? No sweat. Fahrenheit to Celsius? Piece o’ cake. The information was all right there for the taking! Genius! (Also: Cheating!)

But the best part of Trapper Keeper-dom?

Yep… the velcro.

It’s what made the Trapper Keeper a trapper… and a keeper, for that matter. That little flap came around from the back and safely kept all your reports and math homework in place. Even better? That lovely ripping sound you would produce every time you tore that bad boy open. Sure, you’d get the evil eye from ol’ Miss Hendrickson in algebra class, but hey… you were just getting your homework out, right?

As with anything in the 80s, the design was crucial. Which theme should be emblazoned on your TK? Maybe the picture of the kittens in the middle of a grassy field? Or maybe the futuristic graphics that looked like something out of the year 2000? Hey, it was up to you to decide your style. We just hoped that you chose wisely, friends.

Sure, Trapper Keepers are still around these days, but they hold little of the charm that they did when they first bounded onto the scene. *Sigh… Give us the glory days.

We ♥ Trapper Keeper.


~ by weheart80s on March 4, 2011.

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