Missile Command

In keeping with this weeks ‘Cold War’ theme at Bestofthe80s (you can probably start guessing now what tomorrow’s song and Thursday’s TV show will be…), we’re pleased to present our take on one of the best and most nuke-tastic video games ever.

We give you: Missile Command.

Your task is simple… protect your six cities from an endless barrage of ballistic missiles raining down from the heavens (or the Soviet Union… whatever). All that’s standing between you and certain annihilation is 30 ICBMs of your own, so aim wisely, friend, for once your cities are gone, all hope for civilization is lost.

Ah, if only it were that simple, though. Unlike previous video games where you just aimed and fired, in Missile Command you actually had to think ahead and predict where the enemy missiles would be. And then, the trail-less cruise missiles start appearing. And then, well– then you’re dead (at least until you hit ‘reset’ and play again.)

Missile Command arrived on the scene (via Atari) in 1980, the brainchild of software developer Dave Theurer. How seriously did he take his job? Well, as the story goes, young Theurer actually suffered severe nightmares about nuclear attacks as he was putting this brilliant little bit of video game-dom together.

Sorry for your sleepless nights, good sir, but rest easy knowing that your game has provided countless hours of enjoyment for us kids of the 80s.

We ♥ Missile Command.


~ by weheart80s on March 8, 2011.

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