Field of Dreams

“Hey! Is this heaven?” “No. It’s Iowa.”

Just before our favorite decade came to a close, we started hearing voices. Faint whispers in the cornfield. “Go the distance,” they said. And “Ease his pain.”

Nah, we’re just kiddin’ with you. Yeah, sure, they also those things, but we all remember that other whisper, that iconic line that has since gone on to be almost as ubiquitous as “Phone home” or “Wax on, wax off”.

“If you build it, he will come.”

Poor Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner). He had no idea what was going on, had no clue what to build, and didn’t have the foggiest who would be coming. All he knew was that he needed to kidnap reclusive author Terence Mann (James Earl Jones), take him to Iowa, tear up half his own corn crop, build a baseball diamond (complete with bleachers and backstop), and just sit and watch time pass. And, oh yeah, somehow make enough money to keep from going bankrupt.

But then… well, then Shoeless Joe (Ray Liotta) wandered out of the cornrows in right field, and, friends, we had baseball.

Sure, not everyone could see it. (How about Timothy Busfield as Ray’s brother-in-law Mark, walking right in front of home plate as a ball whizzes by his head? Awesome.) But for Ray, his wife and daughter, and the select few who really could see it, there was nothing quite like those twilight games in that Iowa cornfield.

Yes, eventually Ray figured everything out, saved his almost-bankrupted farm, and he even got to have that catch with his dead dad. And as the camera pulled away to reveal that lost shot of the hundreds of cars lined up to get in on the action, well… we heard one more whisper in the theater:

“That was a good movie.”

Indeed. Field of Dreams went on to snag 3 Oscar nominations (Picture, Screenplay, and Score), and it stands today as a true classic, right up there with Hoosiers (yep, we love it!) as one of the best sports flicks (heck, best any flick) from the best decade.

We ♥ Field of Dreams.

~ by weheart80s on March 14, 2011.

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