Today’s Special

“Hocus pocus alimagocus!”

Ah yes, who knew those three simple words were all it took to bring a mannequin to life in a department store? (No, not THAT mannequin, but we did love it.) We’ll tell you who. Muffy the mouse and Jodie, the all knowing display designer in the Canadian show “Today’s Special.”

The show was based in a Canadian department store where Jeff, a mannequin, was brought to life by a little bit of magic. Since he was a new mannequin, he didn’t know much and it was up to Jodie to kind of lead the way. Jeff was, fortunately, a very fast learner. (Aren’t they all?) With an odd cast of characters ranging from the aforementioned mouse to a slightly hysterical security guard, Today’s Special was just enough to hold kids’ attentions in both the US (it was picked up by Nickelodeon) AND Canada. We followed along as Jeff learned new things even though the poor guy could never leave the building or else he’d be a mannequin forever. So… basically he was imprisoned inside an department store. Unfortunate for Jeff, entertaining for us!

Just like pretty much everything in the 80s, you were often left with more questions than answers. Why did no one find it alarming that a mannequin came to life? Does no one else see that the security guard is a puppet? And what about the mouse – that doesn’t bother anyone? But alas, it was the 80s (and also a kid’s show so we cut it some slack.)

Most of the time us kids were presented with typical problems but at one point, Today’s Special went a little over our heads when it dealt with alcoholism. (Seriously, wth? This was a kid’s show! Why make us worry?!) Luckily, it was only for one episode and then we were back to a simpler way of life in the ol’ department store.

We ♥ Today’s Special.

~ by weheart80s on March 17, 2011.

2 Responses to “Today’s Special”

  1. Does anyone know how or where to purchase a DVD of Today’s Special ? I have been looking forvere ! Thanks.

  2. My fav kid’s show of all time. I miss it soo much, I wish more episodes could be released. 😦

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