Love Missile F1-11

“U.S. bombs cruising overhead. There goes my love rocket, red.”

There’s a chance you’re saying, ‘Love Missile what?’ And no, we won’t ban you for life if you don’t know what a Love Missile F1-11 is… by name. But, if you still don’t know it once you hear it, well… let’s just say that the Pit of Despair would be too good for you.

Sigue Sigue Sputnik (anyone? Bueller? Bueller?) arrived on the scene in the mid-80s, and they immediately tore up the New Wave scene. Combining uber-catchy synth riffs with movie clips, sound effects, and traditional melodies, the guys from London were unlike anything we’d ever heard.

Their first song, “Love Missile F1-11”, was an instant hit (in England, anyway… where it went to #3). We American folk didn’t get wind of it until our man John Hughes picked it for a little movie he was working on about a high schooler who decides he needs a ‘day off’ (anyone? Bueller? Bueller?)

If you’re familiar with the tune, enjoy this gold star. If not, pleeeeease have this jog your memory.

Of course, one of the dangers of using samples in your music is that you don’t always get clearance to use all of them, so there are no fewer than a half-dozen versions of the song out there, remixed using different samples and different sounds.

Fortunately, they’re all as awesome as Ferris himself.

Shoot it up.

We ♥ Love Missile F1-11.


~ by weheart80s on March 23, 2011.

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