There’s just something about hospitals that lends itself to quality television. Not that we should find other people’s injuries and illnesses especially entertaining, but you gotta admit, there are more boring concepts for a show than examining the variety of personalities that you can find in an Emergency Room.

So when one of the big three networks pulled together a nice ensemble of actors, got some decent writers, even added a zippy intro tune, they were clearly onto something.

Deciding to set the show in Chicago was a nice touch, and heck, throwing George Clooney into the equation as the loose cannon/bad boy doc didn’t hurt.

Welcome, friends, to E/R… the latest sitcom offering from CBS.

What, you didn’t think we meant ER, did you? Dude… soooooo 90s.

Of course we’re talking about E/R (note the slash), the short-lived sitcom that first premiered in September 1984.

Starring Elliot Gould (pre-Friends), Jason Alexander (pre-Seinfeld), and Mary McDonnell (pre-Dances With Wolves), it centered on the staff and patients in the emergency room at Clark Street Hospital.

Using Charles in Charge (heck yes, you know we love that!) as its lead-in, E/R completed a nice little 8p-9p block on Wednesday nights… though being on opposite The Fall Guy and Highway to Heaven, it was only a matter of time. And both shows were gone from the CBS schedule by the following fall.

Oh, and Clooney? Yep, he was there, too (pre-ER). Perpetually-clad in his black leather jacket and scrubs, usually donning a pair of wayfarers (how could we not love them?), we were already beginning to see the dreaminess emerge.

But we digress.

E/R was a pretty solid sitcom, 80s-wise. There were plenty of guest stars, including David Faustino, Dennis Franz, and even Martha Quinn (we love MTV!), and some funny moments (‘Stay back of the white line!’), and even a Jeffersons tie-in (one of the character’s uncle and aunt were George and Weezy).

All in all, not too shabby. We’re just a little bummed that it didn’t stick around longer, but we suppose it was just time for Clooney to move on from E/R to ER.

We ♥ E/R.



~ by weheart80s on March 31, 2011.

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