Uncle Buck

“Stand me up today, and tomorrow I’ll drive you to school in my robe and pajamas and WALK you to your first class.”

He may have made life a living hell for young Tia, but, really, dear ol’ Uncle Buck was just trying to be the grown-up. And honestly, Tia, what’s with all the attitude? You’re making Bender look like Gertie (if you’ll pardon our inter-movie pop culture reference).

Is there a person alive that wouldn’t have wanted John Candy for an uncle in the 80s? Really, could it get any better than this guy? Heck, the ginormo-pancakes alone would have sold us!

But no one ever said babysitting was easy, especially when Tia (Jean Louisa Kelly, making her first feature film appearance) and and Miles (Macaulay Culkin, in his first big film, too) are the charges.

When Buck’s brother and sister-in-law get called away for a few days (family emergency, dontcha know), they need someone to babysit their three kids. With nowhere else to turn, they call their official last resort, and, of course, Buck jumps at the chance.

Written and directed by John Hughes, Uncle Buck was a marked departure from his standard fare to that point. Sure, there was some teen angst, but we were really starting to see the physical comedy and silliness that would come to be Hughes’ trademark style in the 90s (boooooo!)

That’s not to say Uncle Buck wasn’t still a heap o’ fun, though: Buck making pancakes the size of manhole covers, Buck punching a drunk clown in the face, Buck kidnapping Tia’s boyfriend Bug, Buck driving everywhere in that 70s-mobile that wouldn’t shut off without a backfire that rivaled the decibel level of a firecracker exploding three inches from your face…

John Candy still had it, and since Uncle Buck ends with the John Hughes moment of heartwarming happiness, we can’t help but love the movie, almost as much as the rapid-fire dialogue scene between Buck and Miles. Priceless.

We ♥ Uncle Buck.


~ by weheart80s on April 4, 2011.

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